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After contacting us, we will first visit your site with you in person if possible.  If you are out of province or unable to meet us at your site we will visit it and look at your layout and possible locations for your building or buildings, your septic system, well and any other features such as driveway location etc. Via phone or other means of communication.  Working with you to insure your site layout and visual aspects reflect the final vision of your project.  We will discuss with you what your possible options are in accordance to septic regulations, permit requirements and building codes.  If you can not be on site pictures of on site progress will be sent to you so that any changes or ideas can be made.

If you require a septic system only, our team will be in communication with the contractors that are building your other features.  So that the appropriate  system can be installed, and again communication with you to ensure you are satisfied with the function and visual outcome. There are some common factors to think about when starting a new build that will protect you from future complications.  Number one Contact Us first.  We will be more than happy to answer all your questions advice is always free.  Some times new home builders do not even know the questions to ask, we will give you the direction you need.  When purchasing property it may be in your best interest to contact us, to visit the property first before you buy it.  There may be features or factors that may affect your cost or even ability to build a septic system.  Sometimes land or lots that seem like a great deal are a great deal for a reason.