Permits tend to be a area that some people are not sure of.  Where to apply for one, who to call, or if you need one at all. Here you will find some general permit requirements and links to help you navigate to the appropriate location.

Septic Permits: All Permits that you will require for Septic Systems will be Acquired by the QP (Qualified Person). To apply you will first need to call us or another QP2 or QP1.

Foundation or building Permits: To Apply for a Building permit for a house, you first need to already have a septic system approval permit in place. Then you may apply. Contact your local Municipality office to acquire this permit. Permits for garages and other out buildings you will also find at your local Municipality office.

(link) Municipality of East Hants

(link) Municipality of Halifax

(link) Municipality of Colchester county

Locations Permit: This is a Permit that is required during the building process usually after your footing have been poured. This will be applied for by the building contractor.

Occupancy Permit: This is usually one of your final permits. This will be obtained by the building contractor.

Working In Right of Way Permit: Is a common Permit needed for culvert installation for driveways, or anytime you are working with in the right of way area of any road.

(link) Working within right of way permit

Environmental Permits: These are special permits that are usually needed if you want to work in wetland areas, beach front, salt marches, swamps, water ways, or any work area that may have an Environmental impact.

(link) Dept of Environment Nova Scotia