Dug Wells


Dug well

Dug wells are usually the first choice if they can be installed.  Dug wells usually have the best water quality and most of the time do not require in house equipment to control the mineral content or smell of the water.  The down side of Dug wells is that they are a “roll the dice” kind of thing. Dowsing for ground water has been used for centuries and is not really scientifically been proven.  Although many people do this in several different ways it sometimes works and sometimes does not.  Dug wells in general are more expensive than drilled wells, due to government regulations on water control.  There is a installation process that needs to be followed as regulation states.  These regulations are put in place to insure that the home owners are protected and have clean and safe drinking water.  All dug well water is sent to Environment Nova Scotia’s Lab to be tested and the results are in written form to be presented to the home owner to insure it is safe.  When excavation of a well is started, it is never guaranteed that water will be found or that the amount of water flow will be sufficient enough to sustain that particular dwelling.  Sometimes another excavation will need to be done at a different location or at a different depth.  This is why dug wells can sometimes be more expensive and a “roll the dice” kind of thing.  Dug wells also sometimes present problems when it comes to septic system design.  The min distance from a dug well to a septic system is 30m or 100ft.  Therefore a large area is needed for this distance and this also includes distances from your neighbours septic system too.  Again these are all rules and regulations to ensure that you are drinking safe water.  Another advantage to Dug wells is they also have a greater volume of water than drilled wells therefore they have more immediate usable water. For More detailed information please call us.