Flooding Basement Solutions

Basement flooding
New socked Drain tile replacement
basement flooding
new drain tile replacement

This is usually always a stressful situation to have happen. Flooding basements are an expensive malfunction to say the least.  Drywall to replace, flooring replacement and valuables damaged possible mold to deal with ect. ect. House insurance is great to have at these times, and can usually tend to the problem at hand. Getting to the source of the problem is the main objective and fixing it for good.  Give us a call and we will come to your home and investigate your specific flooding problem.  Most basement flooding problems are due to improper installation of footing drain tile around the foundation or blockages that have occurred over time.  Underground water is flowing all the time around your foundation, more with snow melt, frost melt or during heavy rain these times are usually the time water flooding is first noticed.  The underground water is meant to collide with your foundation footing line and enter your drain tile where it then travels around the house and to your footing drain pipe that leads down slop to your draining area that may be located in your lawn somewhere or possibly in the road side ditch or in the woods.  Sometimes footing drain lines simple are plugged off at the end of the pipe due to some one or something disturbing it or covering it up. It may be froze during winter months or unable to drain properly due to ice build up. It could also be a broken pipe underground somewhere. These are all some of the possibilities that could cause flooding issues. If water can not get out the first thing it will do is build up pressure (static pressure) and will eventually try and come through your footing line or up through your basement floor at the easiest point of resistance. It sometimes will enter your foundation floor in several places depending on the pressure build up and amount of water flowing.  There is a systematic way of locating the source of the problem starting with the most inexpensive way first and working from there.  Most flooding problems are fixed by installing a new footing drain (this is the most common).  If the problem still persists then further investigation of the drain tile around the house may have to be scoped with a camera to see how clogged the lines may be and what the min amount of drain replacement may be needed.  Complete drain tile replacement is sometimes the only solution but is very rare.