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20 x 40 In-ground pool with spa






Pools are one of the best added features to any home, enjoyed by the entire family and friends too.  Simply nice to sit by in the summer time during a BBQ or enjoying the kids on there summer break.  Installing a pool at your home is a sure way to increase the value of it, and it makes a great selling feature if you ever decide to sell.  Not everyone has the room on there property to build an in-ground pool. Above ground pools can be installed several ways.  A simple walk off your deck to your decking around your pool, or maybe you want that stair affect up or down to it. Above ground pools can also be partly under ground as far as the visual eye is concerned. It is really not underground but looks like it. Landscaping around the pool area is what really makes your pool yours and its visual features and over all design. Above ground pools are usually less expensive than in-ground pools depending on the size you are thinking of installing and the layout of your property. Wilson Excavation Ltd. has many designs and models to choose from please call us for further information.

In-ground pools are a more permanent type of installation and add great value to a home or property.  They are more durable and easy to winterize, and come in larger sizes and shapes.  Diving boards, slides or even built in hot tubs or seat benches built into a wall with jets, these are just some features you can enjoy by installing an in-ground pool.  The landscaping around an in-ground pool can be a real eye catcher, from the hundreds of different stone works to choose from, flower gardens, rock features, built in fire pits, shade coverings or stairs.

20 x 40 In-ground pool


For More information on pool installations pool features, pool sizes, shapes, and prices give us a call and we can mail or e-mail you a complete brochure.