Retaining Walls

retaining walls
10ft Retaining Wall construction
Retaining walls
Pool stabilization

Retaining Walls have many applications.  Stabilizing ground when dealing with different ground elevations,  can be a useful application to add to your property.  Slopes tend to use up square footage quickly and serve no usable purpose.  Building tiers or vertical walls make use of the square footage available while incorporating garden features or walking features at the same time.  Homes, parking areas, pools, patio areas, ocean, or water ways sometimes do not have adequate slopes or elevations to properly stabilize these features therefore building a retaining wall can be an easy solution to fit all your project ideas into a smaller area.  Natural stone walls with stair features built into them add a unique concept to your property.  You may also like to take advantage of the many types of precast concrete walls that are available in many textures, sizes and shapes to create that sitting area, beach front, lake front, or fire pit area.  For more info click on the more detailed info in our drop down menu, or give us a call.