Septic Repair

septic system repair
septic field line flush

Septic repairs can some times put people into panic mode, thinking about what this may cost them.  Don’t Panic 95% of the time problems with your septic system can be a simple fix.  The first thing you need to do is contact us 902-751-0023.  We will ask you a series of questions a may even problem solve over the phone.  Common problems with septic systems is usually first noticeable when you toilet will either not flush or drain properly or you may have a sewer smell where there shouldn’t be one.  Blockages are the most common occurrence. Most old systems that are more than 15 years old do not have filters installed in the tanks, which are now mandatory.  There fore allowing solids to reach your septic field.   Blockages can also occur in the house plumbing too, and have nothing to do with your system.  Something as simple as a vent pipe on your roof being plugged can cause your toilet to malfunction. There are about 101 different factors that could be causing a malfunction.  With 29 years of experience in the industry we will pin point your problem and solve it.

Scoping your lines after our investigation may be needed to ensure your lines from your septic tank to your field are clear and not crushed or broken.  We will also run die tests to make sure your tank is not cracked after a visual inspection.  If a tank replacement is needed this can be done with out any permit requirements. (Please check drop downs under tanks).  A die test can also be run to ensure that your field is not malfunctioning.  Regulation permits septic installers to replace tanks, replace lines to the field, replace sand in the field, but NOT to disturb main septic lines in field or replacement of any kind.  If lines in a septic field are causing malfunction then a total septic bed replacement will be needed. Safety is a big factor when it comes to people trying to repair septic problems on their own. Septic gases are deadly, Methane gases can easily escape into the house or basement with out the home owners knowledge if septic repairs are not done properly.  This is not something to risk, so please contact a professional.