Dye test & Malfunctions

Septic Field Flush tanker

If you are a home owner at some point in your life you will experience some sort of septic system malfunction.  Most Malfunctions occur in the house and have nothing to do with your system at all, and may simple be a clogged pipe.  Something as simple as a septic gas vent pipe not working properly may cause your toilet not to function correctly.  Things that do not belong in your drains or toilet can cause problems. Such as : paper towels, diapers, meat fat or grease, hair, or objects that are simply not meant to go down a drain just to name a few.  After you have eliminated that your drains in your house are not the problem, you may have to call a professional septic system installer to give you the direction you need to solve your problem. One easy tip to unclog drains in your house is to pour a 2 litre bottle of coke cola (not Pepsi)  down the affected drains, let them sit for approx. 5 min then run hot water if possible after for approx. 5 more min.

Septic Field Malfunctions
Septic Field Obstructions

The next step is to move on to your septic tank.  Locate your lids outside to your tank and dig them up if possible.  You may need to contact Us First if your lids are to deep to be done by hand.  After you have uncovered your lids open them up to see if your tank has any obvious problems.  If your effluent level in the tank is above your flow out pipe then you have a clog somewhere between the tank and the septic field or in the field it self.  Many tanks that are 15 years or older usually do not have septic tank effluent filters installed in them.  It is mandatory in all new systems of today to have this installed. If your tank does not have one it is a good idea to install one if you can.  Again contact us and we can direct you how to do it or we can do it for you.  A filter costs about $100.00 and is well worth installing, considering without it you run the risk of getting solids in your septic field where they do not belong and may cause very costly and serious problems with your system.

If you discover that your tank is not draining properly then your next step is to call Us or another professional. At this point you will need a licensed or QP (qualified person) to further investigate the problem.  There are many tests and procedures that can be done to solve the problem.  A dye test can be ran to see where effluent is traveling through the system or if your field is malfunctioning.  Camera Scopeing can also be done to watch on a computer screen as the cam is put through your system to see where the problem or problems may be. Septic Field Flushing may be something you need to do.  If we find that your field is clogged then a Cam scope along with a flush of the field can be done to flush out any obstructions.  This does not always work but is the most inexpensive way to try and conquer your malfunction. Advice on what to do is always free so don’t hesitate to call us at any time.