Questions & Answers

Question: How Much does an average septic system cost for a 3 to 4 bedroom house?

Answer: Septic Systems for a 3 to 4 bedroom house range between $8000.00 and $20,000.00

Question: My toilet will not flush what do i do?

Answer: First Call a Plumber. Many Problems with toilets not functioning is due to Plumbing within the house.  If the Plumber finds that the Problem is outside the house then call Us. (advice is free)

Question: I want to start building on my property what is the first thing i do?

Answer: Call Us or another septic system professional. Your house, well, and septic system functions as one complete system. Locations of each, there design and regulations you may not be aware of  need to be followed to insure your cost is as low as possible and no future build problems occur.

Question: Do I need a permit to replace me septic tank?

Answer : NO, but a licensed installer must install it

Question: Do I need a permit to change the sand in my septic field?

Answer: NO, but a licensed installer must replace it.

Question: Do I need a permit to build a new Septic Field?

Answer: YES

Question: Do I need a Permit to build a Garage?

Answer: Permits for garages depend on the size of garage you want to build and if it is attached to your house or a separate building. (There are several factors)

Question: Does my neighbours well and septic field have anything to do where I might want to put mine?

Answer: YES your neighbours well, septic field and tanks are directly related to yours. It may affect you building a septic system, installing a well or even where your house location may be.

Question: My neighbour has a pipe with water or some fluid directed onto my property is this legal?

Answer: NO .  Any fluid traveling from neighbours property must be parallel to the property line not perpendicular to it.

Question: Do I need a permit to install a new culvert and the end of my driveway?

Answer: Yes, you will need to contact DOT ( dept of Transportation) in your local area and apply for a “work in right of way” permit.

Question: I have property and there is an old out house on it.  Is this considered a septic system ?

Answer: YES

Question: I live by a lake, river, ocean etc. does that mean my septic system will be more expensive?

Answer: NO ( depending on the size of property)

Question: What can I mow the grass on my septic field with?

Answer: Ride on Mowers are fine as long as they are not heavy commercial mowers or farm tractors. (heavy items such as vehicles, atvs, tractors, can damage a fields)

Question: Can I build a fire pit on top of my Septic Field?

Answer : NO , it is not recommended to have any heat source on your septic field. ( the pipes in your field are not deep in the ground and may be damaged from heat sources)

Question: How far away from my house does my septic Field need to be?

Answer: Your septic field needs to be a min of 6m(20ft) from your house.

Question: How far away does my septic tank need to be from my house.

Answer: Your septic tank needs to be a min of 5 feet from your house.

Question: How far does my septic field need to be from my well?

Answer: Your septic field needs to be a min distance of 50 ft from your drilled well and 100 ft from your dug well.

Question: Does that include my Neighbours well too?

Answer: Yes

Question: how far away does my septic field need to be from a lake, swamp, river, salt march, ocean ect.

Answer: 30m or a 100ft (this measurement is made from the down slope of your septic field trench to waters edge.)(special variances or deviations from standard regulations can be applied for through Environment Nova Scotia if the these distances can not be met.)

Question: how do I know if my septic field is functioning correctly ?

Answer: Die Tests Can be run on your field to test its integrity.