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Septic Systems

septic systems
Septic tank installation

Septic Systems are a must for any building that does not have a city service. This could be a single family dwelling, campground, commercial site, summer cottage etc. WilsonExcavation Ltd. and its staff members are Licensed installers for every system available on the market.  If an Engineered system is needed for your project we have engineers to design it for you, and apply for your septic approval and permits needed. There are a multitude of systems that can be designed, that range in costs from $5000.00

septic systems
Shaw eco flow system

to $100,000.00 depending on the circumstances.  Most single family dwelling are in a price range of $8000.00 to $20,000.00 again depending on several factors.  When building a new house there are many things to think about when calculating your cost to build and a septic system is a big one.  The design of your house, the layout of your property, the location to water courses, and neighbours are just a few things that will designate what system you may require.  Before cutting down a tree or deciding on house design your first step should be consulting a septic system professional. Your septic system is your starting point.  For an example, Designing your house first with 6 bedrooms and finding out later that if you had one less bedroom you would have saved yourself a bundle on your septic system. You get the point, so in short you can’t be to careful when you are a new home builder.  Your house, your septic system and your well are one complete system that function together so there locations and design are more complicated than people may think. Please take a look at the other drop downs from the menu to more specific

septic systems
septic pump alam tower

breakdowns on septic system parts, function, Regulations, etc.

septic systems
40m pressurized area bed

Commercial applications such as campgrounds or commercial buildings without city services usually require engineered systems.   They may also require special permits or an overview by Environment Canada.  Again please contact Us or another professional to help you with any questions you may have.